Jon Martin

Director of Technical Services l;l;

AllTech Business Support LLC  l;l;

With over 15 years of experience in the Computer Technology Industry, Jon has extensive knowledge of both Hardware and Software Systems.   This technical background allows Jon to provide a broad range of services including Hardware Diagnostics and Repair, Virus / Malware Removal, Networking Installation and Troubleshooting, Server Maintenance and Repair, Telephony Services, Data Mining with MSQL, Proficiency working with Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange and much more.

Jon also has extensive experience with many Adobe Software Systems providing him with a creative edge for our customers.  With Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash experience Jon helps to create customized media experiences for our clients in the form of Logos, Promotional Material, and Websites.  

Jon adds to the long list accomplishments with being the Technical Director and driving force for AllTech Business Support LLC.  Utilizing his years of experience from working within the commercial industry, Jon knows that your time is valuable and understands the importance of your business or workstation and the need for it to operate at it's maximum potential.    

AllTech Business Support LLC is a company that sets out to make your life easier.  Computers and Technology can be a wonderful thing, but only if they work properly.  Whether you are a Small Business owner or an Individual that just wants their internet or computer to work, we can help to ensure that your Technology is working for you.

We strive to provide excellent service and communication with competitive rates.  Sure we want your business, but you shouldn't have to call your IT guy everyday with issues.  So many offices or networks are setup incorrectly and with our experience and expertise we also excel at doing our job right the first time and eliminating unnecessary service calls.  Give us a call today and see what we can do for your business.